Introducing Snatch Books Premium Membership
No need to Order
Each Semester
Free Delivery on
Every Order
No Worry
for Availability
Free Novels
Each Semester

Cost Saving in thousands!

We know College books are too expensive, and can cost a sizeable amount of pocket money. Therefore, we have built a pocket-friendly renting model of Books, where you can use the books and return them back to us. 

Free delivery

Get free delivery on all books, ordered via Snatch Books, irrespective of the Order size! Free deliveries during the entire duration of the Snatch Books Premium Membership. 

Tension Free College Life!

With our premium membership, you need not to place a order or roam in the markets for academic books in your entire college life 

Free Replacement

If anytime during the semester, you fell that the content of the book/books is not good, or for any other reason, you want to replace the book , you do so for free. 

Cancel Anytime

Membership can be cancelled anytime, without any additional cost/cancellation charges. Money will be refunded within 10 days of Cancellation. No questions asked. 

Free Novels

Get 2 free surprise novels each semester with the books, so that apart from focusing on the academic curriculum, you can focus on personal growth too.  

Discount on Every Book

Apart from the additional discount on the books in premium membership, we also offer additional 10% discount on every book purchased via Snatch Books during the duration of the membership

Special Future offers

Preference will be given to Snatch Books Premium Members for all the future discounts, sales, offers etc.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is Snatch Books Premium Membership ?
A1. Snatch Books Premium Membership is introduced with the objective of making ordering books more simple. All you need to do is to Purchase Snatch Books Membership once in your entire duration of College Life and Books will automatically ordered at the beginning of each semester. Apart from this, Snatch Books Membership have many additional Benefits

Q2. I have already purchased Books for this Semester (from Snatch Books/other sources). Do I need to wait for next semester for purchasing membership?
A2. No, even if you have purchased Books this semester from any source, you can till purchase Premium Membership. Message us on Whatsapp at 8005595460, and we will provide the coupon code for the adjusted price.

Q3. What if I want to Cancel the membership any time in between?
A3. You can cancel the membership any time in between. Money will be refunded within 10 days of Cancellation. However, all the additional discounts will be subtracted from the refunded amount. Normal discounts will not be subtracted

Q4. How will the security deposit will be refunded?
A4. Once, Snatch Books Premium membership is over, and you have returned all the books, we will refund the security deposit amount via UPI/Paytm Wallet/ Bank Transfer (whichever way customer prefers)

Q5. I want to keep a book, that I have rented via Snatch Books Premium Membership
A5. Yes, you can keep a book that you have rented via Snatch Books Premium Membership. You just need to pay security deposit amount on that book.

Q6. Will the books be automatically ordered from next Semester?
A6. Yes, the books will be automatically ordered and delivered within 15 days of commencement of the semester. However, we will ask for a confirmation before delivery via message/call, in case you are not available or want delayed delivery.

Q7. How will I return the book?
A7. Books needed to be return before you get the parcel for new books. For returning the books we will message you (if you want to return earlier message us on Whatsapp at 8005595460). You need to pack the books in a parcel/ courier bag and stick a label on the package (we will send it). Our delivery boy will collect it from your location.

Q8. My Book is lost/damaged, what to do?
A8. In case the book is lost/damaged , additional amount needed to be paid as security deposit. If the book is returned in unusable/damaged/too much markings condition, security deposit needed to be paid for that book

Q9. Membership Products for my Course is not there. What to do?
A9. In case we have not listed membership products for your course, please contact us on +91 8005595460 (Whatapp/Call)

Any more Questions? We would love to answer them

Call/Whatsapp on +91 8005595460