Pradeep’s A Text Book of Biology for Class 12


by G. Chopra (Author), H.N. Srivastava (Author), P.S. Dhami (Author)

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Senior Secondary Class is essentially a career–making Class, and Science is the most sought-after course at this level for pursuing the ambitious career of a doctor, an engineer, a scientist, a research scholar etc. For realizing his dream, a student has to perform exceptionally well in this class. It is thus utmost important that all Science books – Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics for this class are designed in a way to give complete knowledge of these subjects in the most presentable manner. Pradeep’s books are the only books meeting this requirement in the most innovative way for more than 30 years. Whether Physics or Chemistry or Biology or Mathematics, The books are being updated with knowledge every year, and presented in the most acceptable & interesting manner. This is why pradeep’s books are no.1 selling books in the country.


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